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If you want to attract the hottest artists, the hippest actors and the coolest creative types to your hotels, do what Thomas Tänzer does in Berlin: ‘Love it or leave it’ – this is the slogan for all of Thomas Tänzer’s houses. The Weinmeister and Lux 11 Berlin-Mitte, two of the best houses in Berlin, take aim at just about every hotel convention left standing.

Located in the pulsating heart of Mitte, the houses are 24-hour playgrounds for adults that exude a seductive draw for film, music and entertainment crowds. The influence of Berlin’s creative scene is felt in many of The Weinmeister’s design details, from floors done by the local street art collective, Paint Club, to the graffitisplattered front door or the HURTS room, designed by the British pop-synth duo. Photographer Henrik Pfeifer’s black and white photographs are exhibited in each of the hotel’s 84 rooms.

Well connected in the city’s cultural scenes, Tom Tänzer has set a new standard in Berlin’s hospitality sector with a set of properties that embody modern comfort and high style. ‘It’s mainly the mixture when I’m sitting in the lobby,’ says Tom, recalling an evening two weeks earlier when Mando Diao and Juliette Lewis were both staying at the weinmeister. ‘I said, “Hey, this is it”. It’s the band, and they brought their wives and kids, and it’s Juliette Lewis with blue hair eating goulash soup. And there are fashion people around and tourists taking pictures of our graffiti entrance. This is the vibe that we want.’

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