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The Penthouse

The Penthouse

We are delighted to re-introduce you to our stunning, newly re-furbished top-floor Penthouse.

It is situated in our sister property, Lux Eleven, only a short walk away from The Weinmeister. 

On 160m² you have space for everything you may look for in a Penthouse... it is fully airconditioned, has a fireplace and lots more...

  • living room

The newly designed living room with its fireplace and lookout onto the beautiful terrace.

  • boardroom
  • living room

We have integrated a boardroom meeting space that may be used as the dining area too.

  • kitchen

To dine, you need food and that you can prepare in the fully fitted kitchen. And when you turn around you see this...

  • terrace

BERLIN - it doesn't get better than this! What a place to spend the evening...

  • hallway

But before settling down for a relaxed evening you may wish to do something good for yourself... if you go along the hallway, you'll find just what you need.

  • Gym

Your personal gym equipped with cross trainer, rowing machine, weights and fitness ball. Something missing? Well how about this...

  • sauna

... your own Sauna!? Easily used to your personal preferences with an intuitive touch screen system. And then comes the bathrooms, oh yes there are two!

  • gym and sauna ensuite

The gym and sauna ensuite and...

  • Master bathroom

... the Master bathroom.

Now you have trained, eaten and relaxed on the terrace... all you need is a good night sleep.

  • bedroom

In this beautiful and calm double bedroom you will be able to sleep so well, you will not want to get up again... wouldn't there be the stunning views from the terrace or the tempting comfort of a sauna - it's tough but just THE Place to stay in Berlin!

Interested? Feel like finding out more or even wanting to book... call us on +49 (0)30 93 62 800 or send us an email on info@lux-eleven.com .

  • living room