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The Weinmeister, an alluring ‘Golden Cage’ in the heart of Berlin - one of the best hotels in the city.
The Weinmeister Hotel in Berlin-Mitte, the coolest design hotel in Berlin with 84 rooms, located in the Mitte district, one of Berlin’s most dynamic areas, is aimed at business travellers from the film, music, fashion and other creative fields, as well as leisure travellers.

The Weinmeister, sits in the heart of Berlin-Mitte and embodies its chic, contemporary attitude.
“The Golden Cage”, as it is affectionately called due to its matte golden metal façade, is visible from every vantage point in the neighbourhood, alluringly drawing in guests and visitors alike.
Conceived as the “big brother” of the well established Lux 11, also located in Mitte, The Weinmeister is aimed at business travelers from the film, music, fashion and other creative fields, as well as leisure travelers. Its core philosophy is simple: it focuses on rest, comfort, round-the-clock service and stylish rooms that highlight one piece of furniture - an oversized bed, which acts as a room within a room and suggests “cocooning.”
Despite the convenience and excitement that the location affords, guests are very likely to give in to the temptation of staying in their endlessly comfortable rooms or in the luxurious hotel bar at the end of a busy day in the German capital.
The entrance is a work of art by world renowned graffiti artist René Turrek and evokes both the decadence of Mitte during the communist era, as well as the area’s current creative revival. Inside, there is an ongoing play of contrasts - serious and yet whimsical through the choice of colors and materials. In the lobby, oversized couches and chairs (think Alice in Wonderland!) covered in soft luxurious felt are inviting to the touch, and provide the perfect setting to linger and relax over a glass of wine or a latte. The large space is flanked by tall support columns dressed with grey padding that are interlaced with oversized white laces, suggesting a woman’s corset, another whimsical design element. Rectangular panels in olive green, beige, chocolate brown and grey cover the walls, adding warmth and modernity to the space.
The ground floor Schwarz bar is named after the German movie actress Jessica Schwarz and serves a herbal liquor made according to her family’s secret recipe. There is also an invitation-only rooftop bar with views of the city.