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Variety of Entertainment
Design and Art
Open Communicativity
Curating Worldwide Events
Transforming Spaces

So just after 11 years on the spot, we aligned to the number of our proficient sibling “LUX 11 Berlin-Mitte” and took 2022 as an opportunity for a revival and reinvention.

The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte was always about its „Location, Location, Location!”

… amidst cool boutiques, high street brands, independent stores, hip bars and world-class restaurants and has made it a favorite among repeat and new visitors to the city for over a decade.

As we sought to answer what travelers are seeking as they once again head into the world, it was clear to us that a fresh vision was needed for The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte.

Now, The Weinmeister Berlin Mitte turns into coming of age and settles in a calm grown up design to be the host to all travelers searching for it ALL but remaining true to Berlins unique character.

  • with a permanent variety of entertainment, design and art
  • hosting and curating worldwide events and artists from music industry in open communicative Lobby Living Room
  • Transforming spaces during the days